What is the difference from self-care, Self-help and self-development

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The difference between self-help, Self-care and self-development.


Main reason for the blog

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Main reason for the blog

I want to draw you to the title of this blog, The difference between self-help, self-care and self-development. These are buzz words that drew individuals to what they are focusing on. For example, if you are looking to protect yourself and recharge your battery you dive into the world of self-care, if you are trying to heal you open pandoras box well then into self-help you go and if you are trying to become the best version of yourself you focus on self-development. The question I hope to look at in this blog is should there be a difference or is there a difference?


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When I was looking into these areas, I was intrigued to find out that the same areas of the body came up. I was not surprised because we all have the same areas of the body that dives all these areas of the self. But it did intrigue me enough for me to dig a little deeper. The areas of the body that kept come up was;

  • The mind
  • The gut
  • The body (heart, lunges etc)

The different areas of the body come up multiple times no matter what the direction of focus was, they just spoke about the care of the area differently to keep focus on the outcome you desired. For example, for self-development it would be common through education to impact your memory. To impact this better, studies have shown that doing both resistance training and cardiovascular training can improve cognitive function of the brain and improve the areas of the brain for memory and storage of new information. Similarly, by doing something that means learning routines such as Tai Chi can also have a good impact of the conative function of the brain. When you look at self-help to move on from something or take control of an emotion then the same activities of exercise and Tai Chi have a different influence as well that promotes this healing.

When I discovered this a light bulb switched on. The light bulb made me question the whole concept of labels that society is trying to get away from now a days. But labels can help us, it can drive our focus into our education to why we are going to do things and why we are going adopt certain behaviours into our lives to improve. I do want to ask however is a label for this needed?

In my findings there is no specific difference in the actions to improve ones mental health, physical health or overall development. Can we just focus on a way of life that happens to just achieve these outcomes as a by product by just being yourself? Would it be a bad thing to just be the elite version of ourselves not because we suddenly have a trauma to get through or a business idea that we want to achieve or a new skill that we want to learn and master. Can we just lead a life that allows us to just do all of this just because we work on simple areas of our lives?

We often only look at becoming the elite us when we need to overcome something in some way. I think it is this action that ultimately holds us back from really doing what we want to achieve because we do it in such little amounts for such a small sometimes insignificant amount of time. Why do we only concern ourselves on getting better when we are ill?

Let’s break this habit, not because we are afraid of becoming ill but because if we do this elite lifestyle all the time the impossible shatters and the impossible simply become inevitabilities. Let us break the cycle of only improving yourself because you have floor. Let us lead our elite life-style not because your denying the fact that you have faults but because you know you have lessons happening all the time in your life. We look at faults with guilt and sometimes shame but we look at lessons as opportunities be become and remain amazing.



In summary is there a difference to the above, in my opinion no it is just how someone wants to look at their own issues to develop in one way. Now is the time to be the best you so all areas, in all ways can be enhanced and life can be lived, and goals can be achieved. An to quote a friend of mine,

So, we can go smash it?



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