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The true art or vengeance


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Main reason for the blog.

Well where do I begin with this one. This could be one of the main reasons why people do not move on from their issues. This will most definitely eat into your day to day activities and start to destroy the time that you spend on areas and interests in your life. To add to this, it is going to add stress to your life and start to add to any anxieties that you may have, and these are only a few issues. O an it is going to also make it hard to concentrate on your goals and dreams due to the overtaking nature of vengeance.

When you are hurt by people anger is normal but allowing it to evolve into vengeance is when it becomes consuming. Let us have a look at re-wiring how we look at vengeance, so we do it in the correct way that doesn’t promote any of the negatives to anyone.  


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A very common response when it comes to vengeance is this old saying ‘I am going to make them pay’ or ‘They will see what I become now’. Here is the problem with both sayings;

‘I am going to make them pay’- With wanting to make the person pay you become consumed with the downfall of the person. You think of ways to make them pay and even possibly go the extra mile to concoct situations to make them pay. Can you see the loop, within all of that when are you thinking of you and what is best for your life, and trust me their downfall will not add anything to your life. In fact, you lose time in your life and you give it to the person that you hate so much. Basically, they are continuing to take from you but in the worst way, you’re freely giving it. Also, with these thought processes you add so much negativity to your mind which will be like a shadow and overcast every other thought and emotion.

‘They will see what I become now’ – This believe it or not is very close to where you need to be but can be miss guided which is more often then not. A lot of people focus on this ‘becoming’ based on what the other person wanted even in a slight way. For example, if someone was constantly on at you to get a high corporate job and made you feel like you didn’t have it because you were not worthy of it then you might unintentionally strive towards it to prove them wrong. This still becomes consuming and adds all the negatives to your life because you are not dealing with the most important person in your life ‘YOU’. You are not going to be doing what makes you happy and everything is just going to feel wrong because your focus is miss placed.

What you need to do is find yourself. True vengeance is keeping true on your promises above in the two statements. But how do you do it is key. You make them pay by living the life you have always wanted to live and you become the person that fills you up with happiness where you smile at your blissful moments and welcome your challenges because you know they will make your stronger. You look at and work on all the areas of your life. You start to live your elite life and focus on what you want from your life. Only then will you have vengeance. Vengeance is moving on and moving forward not being stuck where you are in a hate miss directed loop. So, start living your elite life its never to late to start.


So, anger is one thing but if it does slip into vengeance put yourself first so the two common statements liked with vengeance are done in the correct way. Also, if done in the correct way you find peace and there is no hate even to the people you want vengeance on.

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