Self love and accepting love from others

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Self-love and accepting love from others


Reason for the blog.

Loving yourself, love from others, what is needed first.



Reason for the blog

Loving yourself is an interesting complex saying. You can go to many gurus who claim to have the answer but to be 100% honest you know how to love yourself, even if that is not clear at the moment only you know how to truly love yourself. But there is the other conundrum, are you only qualified to receive someone else’s love only after you know how to love yourself. The very quick simple answer is No. You are totally deserving of someone else’s love even if you are struggling to feel like you do not love yourself.


Loving yourself, love from others and what is needed first

What is needed first is the ultimate question in the title. Do I need to love myself first before others can love me? Or does the other persons love enable me to love myself?

It is tricky but it is down to what you have focused on. If you believe no one can love you until you love yourself then that is what you will need to do first. If not, then you need to accept the love you get and use it to support your own self-worth and self-love.

Loving yourself can complex but it just takes time and the correct energy. You need to know who your really are and be happy with who you are. Think of yourself as your ideal and then plan on how to achieve you being that person. You can measure it against what you currently do in your life and show yourself how far away you are form it. For example, if you imagine the person you want to be, that person who you love and plot out what this person does to be that person and them honestly match it to what you do in your life right now you can measure your position. If you right now and the person you want to be do not do the same things, then that might indicate to physical changes in your life. If you and you as your ideal person do a lot of the same things, then it might be suggesting you improve your mindset and internal chatter.

When you do not love yourself one of the hardest things to do is accept someone else love and accept that they love you. Remember Love is fragile and can break very easily especially if someone loves you and you do not love yourself. The reason for this being hard is because it creates an environment of you disagreeing that the person loves you and then could plant a thought in your head of that lie and then you look for ways for you to be proven correct. This is just going to cause a battle and it is a battle that no one wants to fight.

The way to nurture the love from someone else whilst you are trying to learn to love yourself is;

  • Trust that their love for you is real for them
  • Do all you can to love them back
  • Acknowledge the good things they do for you all the time
  • Do your upmost to put a plan in place so you can love yourself and do not do this for them do this for you

Doing all of this will allow the person who loves you to see that you appreciate them and their feelings as real and that you are doing your upmost to grow through your personal development. This is how you look after someone else’s love that they have for you whilst you look at how to love yourself.



It is not down to when someone loves you or even if you deserve someone to love you. It is about what you want to happen first and what you do with that decision.

No matter of the way around you do it you can make the journey on this personal development path easier or harder. So, make up your mind and always be happy with what you choose and no matter what never stop working on the plan to always learn to love yourself.



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