Road through failure to success

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Road through failure to success


Main reason for this blog

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Main reason for this blog

Failure is one of the scariest things for people. It is so scary that people either avoid it at all costs or set themselves up for failure so if it happens there is no surprise. I think it is safe to say that it is common to say if you set yourself up for failure or believe you will fail then you have already denied yourself the chance to succeed. In my observations it is apparent that failure is so scary because people do not know what to do with it or how you are setting yourself up to fail. Once you have a handle on these two things you will look at failure in a whole different light.


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In the introduction above I reference two things that are common reasons for the scariness of failure. These being

1) Not knowing what to do with it.

2) Not knowing how you set yourself up for failure.

Once you know these two you will have greater acceptance of failure and it will not be so scary. Once you have less fear in this area you will feel less held back and you will be able to do what you need to do to achieve in any area of your life.

Let us have a little look at the above in more depth. The above two do not come in no particular order but I do want to look at the second one first. The way you set yourself up for failure is “Convenience”. This is a huge precursor for failure. Something is always “convenient” to do or have instead of something else. Have you noticed that most convenient things are normally the bad thing to do. For example, eat fast food because you didn’t make any lunch. Convenience becomes a sticking point for people and can make you feel like you are being held back and that you do not have the strength to achieve what you can achieve.

The next is not knowing what to do with failure. Failure is inevitable, we are meant to fail because if you do not fall how do you learn to get back up. You need to know how to look at your failings so you can learn to stand back up. You shouldn’t try to avoid failure you should learn how to step into it because it is normally the best way to get out of it.

I got this idea years ago when me and older brother use to go fishing. I remember my brother cast his line into the lack and he got caught on a snag. Normally when this happened we just broke the line and started again. This day was different, my brother started pulling on the snag from different angles. I said to him “what are you doing? just break the line” He replied, “brother if there is a way in there is a way out”. I thought he was nuts, but I can see now what he was saying. Sometimes you get caught out or the snag is inevitable but if you’re in it then get in it because you will find your way out.

So now let us look at the road though failure to success. With the blow equation there are two things that need to happen for failure to occur and three things you must do to move on from it and develop. The four stages are;

Convenient = failure = reflection = preparation = execution

So, we know that convenience is the step to set yourself up for failure. Failure is the absence of you being where you want to be.

Reflection is what you should do with that failure, you should answer for yourself 5 questions;

1) what happened

2) what went well

3) what did go so well

4) what would you do differently

5)  How would this difference impact your actions or outcome.


If you can answer these confidently and honestly you will see your failings and plan on how to get back up and move on.

Preparation is the stage after reflection so you set up everything you need so you can do the last stage of execution of the new plan.



Failure is inevitable but it is not impossible to learn from it and not to repeat the same pitfalls of failure. So if you follow the road through failure to success it will work out for you as long as you keep learning and accept failure will happen but it will eventually stop when you have learnt all you must to succeed.

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