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Nutrition and well being


Main reason for the blog

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Main reason for this blog.

During my time of continuous study in the field of wellbeing I have found in my opinion many floors. Wellbeing is an area of health that is riddled with hypercritical sayings. This is not only isolated to the area of wellbeing; all health areas have the same problem. They only talk about the importance of nutrition and how it affects their area of health. For example, red meat has been reported to have no benefit to mental health, but red meat is fantastic for your nerve health. Indirectly having good nerve health helps with controlling mental health. All you have to look at is the affects of breathing on the vagus nerve which triggers the relaxation response and controls stress levels and stress is a big trigger for ill mental health issues. It is not an argument that you have to look at one specific area of health in any form let alone nutrition, it is about knowing what is connected to the issue and how to look after it as well.

There is an old saying “Throw a pebble in a pond and you get ripples

Your area of health is the pebble, once you do something with it then it creates ripples. Ripples are systems linked to the main area of health you are focused on.

Main content.

So, we have established that your main area of focus has other system that are indirectly linked to the optimum health and working of your main area of health. What I propose is a focus of overall health, look at not just one area of health but all of them as a collective. If you do this all areas are affected in the best possible way and you create another area of balance within yourself. The areas you should look after with regards to nutrition are as follows;

  • Mind health
  • Nerve health
  • Immune health
  • Gut health

Mind Health – Having foods in your daily life that will allow more positive chemical release from the brain then you will have the best chance at looking more positively on negative situation and recalling the positive moments in your life. The food is not allowing you to see good in bad things, it is allowing you to deal with bad situations whilst releasing good chemicals into the body. This just allows you to weigh up what is the correct response to the situation.

Nerve Health – Everything our body does involves the nervous system. There are a few different nervous systems one we are in control of and one we are not. Both talk to each other and it is this link of communication that is vital to keep health.

Immune Health – The immune system is nothing new to look after I mean we hear it all the time don’t we. But two of the main factors to keep this system healthy is one the antioxidant health and the anti-inflammatory health of your immune system.  When our bodies inflame it is hard for all the other systems to function properly. Some inflammation is a good thing but for the most part an internal system that is inflamed is not good.

Gut Health – The gut is a magical thing when it comes to our health. It absorbs the nutrients we need in our body and also stops any waste products from being absorbed back into our body as well. Stress however can weaken that defence so looking after the gut is very important. This is not to mention that the gut enzymes help with so much when it comes to optimum health and the link to our mind which directly looks after our emotional state and so our mental health and wellbeing.

You might be wondering that looking at all of this you have not look after nutrition from a sense of losing weight or gaining muscle for those who go to the gym. Actually, you have because you need all these foods which will allow either one to be achieved. Nutrition is vital to either muscle gain or weight loss, and yes, the gym or physical activity is needed for both to happen. If you look at the gym or physical activity as the programmer and food as the enter button, then you might have a better understanding on how it all works. If you do exercise without food, then you damage your body if you do it with food you achieve your goals no matter what they are.

If you look after optimum health, you hit everything, and all will start to balance out in your system and start working for you how it is meant to. Don’t get me wrong if there is an abnormality in any of your bodies systems then even looking after your optimum health will allow these systems to start to work as best as they can in respect to the issue the system has.

Do not panic as I know you might be thinking how much food is this going to take, well you are in luck a lot of foods that look after one health is also the foods that look after another. Now I hear you say what was the point of this blog then? Well that is simple, it is to try and highlight the foods you might be leaving out of your diet. It is a happy coincidence that a lot of foods help other systems but by not eating foods because they do not directly impact what you are focusing on then you can be limiting the positive effects on your optimum health.

By all means if you do not eat certain things whether that being for a personal choice or food intolerance then please do not add things that go against these principles but do not cut out things because they do not have a direct impact on the health you are trying to influence.



If you focus on just the area of health that you are concerned about your focus become blinked and ultimately unfocused. By all means have your main area but then know its partner systems so all start working together to get you your results for your personal development.

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