Basic rules of the law of attraction

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The basic rules of the law of attraction.


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Main reason for the blog

The law of attraction to people who do not believe in the universal power of manifestation is seen as fantasy, make-believe and a bit crazy. However, the basic law of the law of attraction works no matter if you believe in the cosmic side of it. This blog is going to explore the basic principles and how they apply to all and any kind of manifestation, goal planning and achieving no matter what your personal beliefs are.


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There are five basic principles to the law of attraction, and I bet once I have told them then everyone will believe in them no matter your other deeper beliefs about the law of attraction. Let us just put aside the personal belief of anything related to a universal power and let us look at the fundamentals of the law of attraction that just simply work.

The five basic rules to follow are;

  • Ask
  • Feel
  • Believe
  • Do
  • Receive

Let’s break down the five stages step by step to how these five can have both a mystical power and a personal power.

  • Ask – You need to really know what you want to achieve right down to the specific details. If you do this then your journey to your destination will be better known to you and easier to achieve because of your awareness of what you want.
  • Feel – Know what it will feel like to achieve this and become addicted to it. This is how you strive forward towards your gaol because you have fallen in love with this feeling.
  • Believe – Without a moment of doubt believe that your dreams and goals will become true, that no matter what happens no matter how things might change, that your belief that it will all come true will not faulter.
  • Do – Any want in life is littered with so many needs. The needs are what you must do to achieve your goal. If you look at the top of the list at asking, this should help you highlight what you need to do on your journey to achieve your goals and manifest the reality you want for yourself.
  • Receive – This step can be a little hard to understand but it is important to prepare yourself for this to happen. This isn’t just about waiting for it to happen; you must prepare the rest of your life that allows for this new manifestation to happen. It will be harder for you to have the life you want if you’re not doing all the things to allow it to happen now.

It is fantastic to work on your goals in the ways that have been mentioned. It is normal to concentrate on what you want and how you are going to get it but, is the life you are currently live the type of life you can have with this new success. Do you have the following;

  • The right support system
  • The right hobbies
  • The right social life
  • The right routines

These are just a few and I am not talking about becoming something you are not; I am saying work on the other aspects of your life so you can really be the best you so the accomplishment of your new goals fit into your life.


The five basic principles of the law of attraction work no matter your belief, if you follow them then they work. They are powerful in their power to manifest your dreams or even in evolving what you originally think you wanted to what you actually want. But also think of the other aspects of your life: “To allow for one change in your life other aspects of your life may have to change as well for your dreams to happen”.

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