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Pathfinder coaching academy was designed with the practical application of coaching in mind.

The four main pillars of the academy is to improve and maintain the positive development of the mind (Mental health), Body (Physical health), Spirit (How we see and carry ourselves) and Soul (Knowing 100% who we truly are as an individual).

The individuals that led to the creation of the pathfinder coaching academy have a combined experience of over 30 years. The background of this experience comes from many coaching sectors including Swimming coaching, Martial arts coaching, Life coaching, Personal training, Conflict management, Adult further education, Corporate coaching, Mentoring, Relationship coaching, Meditation, Mindfulness coaching, Sports psychology, Law of Attraction and NLP. All these areas of coaching have one significant similarity, the fundamental coaching goal of making someone the very best that they can be.

So, whether you want to become a coach, or you need a coach, get in touch your journey starts today.

offering help to all

Pathfinder can bring help to all and by taking one of our courses you can do the same.

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