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If you’re ready to start a new chapter in your life, Pathfinder Coaching Academy is the answer. Whether you’re looking to help people supercharge their life and find their true potential by becoming a personal development coach or you think you’re in need of some guidance from one of our experts, we’re here to help.

Effective personal development can help clients beat stress, anxiety and depression alongside a whole host of other skills. Talking to someone with the goal of helping them overcome difficulties and reach their full potential means clients are gifted with professional expertise and a person to support them without the messiness that sometimes arises when you involve friends and family. Personal development coaches are there to ensure people find their wisest self and come to the right decisions for them, their business, their family and their life.

It is perfectly normal for people to feel unbalanced or a bit unstuck at times. Personal development coaches are there to walk alongside their clients and make sure they’re seeing their situation as clearly as possible. By providing a respectful, confidential and welcoming space, coaches can help their clients build the life they want to live.

More and more people are discovering that asking for help in their endeavour to meet their career goals, their relationship goals and their personal goals is not only acceptable, but great. This means that more people than ever are seeking out the best coaches out there for them. People need coaches with great skills with an approach that works for the client.

If you think you could be the mentor is someone’s life, the motivating factor in their quest to live their lives to the fullest while providing a non judgemental ear, Pathfinder Coaching Academy can help you meet that goal.

We provide accreditation so that empathetic, motivated and enthusiastic people can have an extra boost in their personal coaching career. Not only do we provide expertise, professional advice and support, the credential you gain from the course can add a level of trust between you and your client. People looking for coaching need to know you’re reliable and you know what you’re doing so they can trust that you’re helping them pursue the right direction.

Taking a course with Pathfinder Coaching Academy has a lot of perks so if you want to empower people to find their answers and succeed in life, we’re a great place to start. You can study from home, gain credentials and insurance while learning incredible skills you might struggle to find elsewhere.

We offer three different coaching course avenues at Pathfinder Coaching Academy.

The first is the accredited course. Here you’ll earn your qualification online by studying in your own time and taking the exams as many times as you need.

This course will ensure you have the skills to help others understand their current position and mind set and encourage them to move forward. As a coach we want to make sure you have the ability to educate individuals to lead a much more positive life while offering support and guiding people through their issues. In addition, you will promote ownership and accountability and therefore allow an individual to have the power to change their outcomes in life. Give your clients the potential to not only change their lives but also allow them to change the lives and relationships of those around them by gaining the invaluable skills this course has to offer.

If you’re not looking to become a coach yourself, but the benefits of coaching sound like something you could use, we offer online courses to help you reach for full potential. Whether you’re looking to manifest better relationships, get your career on the right track or just find some help and guidance in any area of your life, we have resources to help you get in control of your life.

Our Elite Life Programme is perfect for people who want some more intensive one to one coaching. For 30 days, a maximum of seven people can sign up and get serious about investing in themselves. No matter what you’re looking to improve about yourself or achieve in your life, this one to one coaching can catapult you to great things. With the help and guidance of our experts, you can change your life in just one month.

No matter what you’re looking to achieve, Pathfinder Coaching Academy is here to support you. If you’re looking for a new career where you get to help people and transform their lives, we have a course for you.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and misunderstood, we can help you wade through the difficulties and bring out the strong, confident you waiting to be revealed.

Whether you’re just feeling a bit lost or you have something specific you would like to work on and improve, our well designed courses are the perfect resource to help you kick start the rest of your life.

Take a look at our range of courses and contact us if you think joining the Pathfinder community can help you.

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